About Sensitek

Sensitek is a team of trusted technology gurus who know IoT.

Sensitek Mindset

At Sensitek, we believe in always being ahead of the curve. We use our industry expertise and foresight to identify emerging markets and act quickly to build new channels and solutions.

Our strategy has been to find the next technology and growth sector, identify pain points, and use our business and development expertise to build solutions that will revolutionize the channel.

As the IoT service providers, our ability to identify the next industry-defining tech innovation in telecom has kept Sensitek ahead of the curve. We have been one of the firsts in every channel we have been a part of, and we have revolutionized each one for the better.

Sensitek Story

In 2016, the Internet of Things emerged, and we entered as the IoT service providers, ready to capitalize on this new opportunity.

Instead of just jumping into the channel, we spent a year identifying the pain points of both the carrier and the IoT solutions providers. We leveraged our development expertise to build the first-ever API-enabled IoT Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP) to address identified issues.

With RAMP, solution providers were finally able to provision new lines, view unbilled usage, and perform many other actions without the need for Carrier Account Manager intervention.

The operational savings for both the carrier and the solution providers became apparent almost immediately.

RAMP quickly became a massive hit amongst Solution Providers and Carrier Account Managers alike.

Solutions providers were seeking us out for access to RAMP, our APIs, our 24/7 support team, and our channel expertise.

RAMP paved the way to a vibrant solutions provider channel for the carrier. This channel is now becoming the new IoT wholesale channel.

What Sensitek did with the solution provider channel, we are now doing with IoT wholesale. We have observed the existing channel structure, identifying pain points, and adapted RAMP to create even greater value.

The latest version of RAMP for IoT provides even more controls and visibility to our resellers (such as watchdogs, troubleshooting actions, and near real-time usage details).

The best part of the new IoT wholesale channel is our ability to create our own price plans.

We create bespoke plans that are custom-tailored to our resellers’ needs. With our dynamic pricing models, we are confident we have the right plan for everyone.

Sensitek Mission

At Sensitek, we believe in affordability and scalability.

We have no minimum purchase requirements and no termination fees. From Startup to Fortune 500 business, we are delighted to have our partners scale with us.

Whether you are starting a brand-new business, implementing a new project, or just looking for a more reliable connectivity provider; We know our expert Account Managers, our skilled Developers, and our reliable 24/7 Support Team will help to make your project a success.

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