IoT in Retail

Creating Superior Shopping Experiences

Payment Processing with IoT in Retail

Keep payment devices connected

No WIFI - No Problem.

Payment devices use the Sensitek network to avoid outages. Our IoT in retail customers also isolate foreign devices like vending machines from their networks for security purposes. 

Fully Automated Stores with IoT in Retail

Walk-In Walk-Out

All buying and shopper information automated

Use IoT in retail to read tags on items when customers leave the store, tally up the items, and automatically charge their mobile payment app.

Automating checkout delights customers and makes them more willing to shop. It also reduces staff requirements by up to 75%, resulting in significant savings.

Monitor Customer Behavior and Flow with IoT in Retail

Understand customer behavior

No cameras are required.

Improve store layout by employing aisle-analytics software with infrared sensors. Learn what items customers care about the most and place them in their path to increase revenue per visit.

Smart Shelves

Automate manual tasks

Reduce cost and theft with IoT in Retail.

Fit shelves with weight sensors and use RFID tags and readers to scan products on display and to know when to stock shelves. Smart Shelves inform you when merchandise is low or when items are incorrectly placed on a shelf, making your inventory process cost-effective and more precise.

Additionally, use RFID tags to detect in-store theft by connecting readers to Smart Shelves saving money on security personnel and cameras.

smart shelves with iot in retail
retail iot
Beacons use IoT in Retail

Send messages to shoppers

Increase the likelihood they buy.

Provide customers discounts, special events, or other reminders when they’re nearby. Remind them of the brands they liked online.

Send alerts to passersby. Advertise promotions or in-store events. Increase the customer’s likelihood to purchase in-store.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Avoid spoilage

Improve transportation and logistics.

Use IoT in retail to obtain more precise retail data, like the temperature at which an item is stored or how long it has spent in transit. Improve the quality of transportation and act in real-time if a product is kept at temperatures too low or too high, avoiding spoilage.

iot in retail

The Nation's Best Network

Coupled with the best IoT Support in the Industry

KEY Sensitek IoT in Retail FEATURES

Assume Control

Sensitek provides the platform, carrier access, and technical support you’ll need to get your devices online.

Once those devices are online our user experience will delight you and your customers, and our pricing and platform will scale with your business.

iot in retail shopping

Manage your account whenever and wherever you want with our self-service portal. Activate, suspend, and deactivate devices based on business needs. Enable instant actions with our APIs.

Activate, deactivate, and suspend IoT devices directly from Sensitek's Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP). Everything including billing is done under your own brand.

Sensitek IoT in Retail TECHNOLOGY

Need more? We got you covered

Get more value for your business with Sensitek

Branded billing

Bill from RAMP and everything the customer receives is in your business' name.


Start with one line and grow to millions; our pricing and platform will scale with your business.

Customer support

Multi-channel support and fast turnaround times on open issues ensure customer satisfaction.

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