Light Vehicle & Automotive IoT

Extend Vehicle Life, Reduce Cost, Improve Safety

Fleet Management

Reduce lifetime vehicle cost

Improve safety and compliance

Light vehicle and automotive IoT offers fleet operators a wide range of benefits, including vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, idle and service alerts. Fleet managers can also monitor driver performance.

Sensitek automotive IoT sensors embedded in vehicles can send signals and trigger warning alerts for low battery, coolant temperature, or engine maintenance. IoT can automate trip planning and help fleet managers segment to gain more customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries and high quality of service.

golf cart iot tracking
Automotive IoT Telematics

Real-time vehicle insights

Monitor driver behavior and vehicle performance

Connect telematics with Sensitek and get real-time insights on the vehicle and driver. Monitor location, movement, status, and fleet behavior. 

Gain insights into vehicle operations, including speed limit controls. Augment turn-by-turn navigation with 3rd-party data and traffic obstructions from third parties and emergency responders.

Cellular Vehicle to Everything (CV2X)

Connect the vehicle to everything

Alert the drivers to traffic and safety concerns

Connect to real-time traffic flow information, mapping, infotainment, or remote access to emergency services.

Sensitek supports vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. 

Avoid collisions, share data about speed, location, and routes,  alert the drivers to traffic issues and safety concerns with automotive IoT. 

Automotive IoT Predictive maintenance

Extend vehicle life and reduce cost

Lower operating costs and increase safety

Use predictive analytics to evaluate the risks of malfunctions and alert vehicle owners and drivers to crucial preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance can also:

  • Identify potential part failures 
  • Calculate remaining part and fluid life
  • Measure temperatures and speed
Automotive IoT Infotainment

Take your entertainment on the road

Control the vehicle from your mobile phone

Mobile apps and networks offer a wide range of infotainment options in vehicles. 

Google and Apple are collaborating with auto manufacturers on vehicle infotainment. For example, Google maps for navigation, Google Assistant for hands-free help while driving, and Apple Carplay for high-end car infotainment.

Vehicle owners can now use their smartphones to authenticate and open and close doors, and start vehicles.

The Sensitek Automotive IoT Advantage

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Sensitek provides the platform, carrier access, and technical support you’ll need to get your devices online.

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Manage your account whenever and wherever you want with our self-service portal. Activate, suspend, and deactivate devices based on business needs. Enable instant actions with our APIs.

Activate, deactivate, and suspend IoT devices directly from Sensitek's Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP). Everything including billing is done under your own brand.


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Branded billing

Bill from RAMP and everything the customer receives is in your business' name.


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