IoT Smarty City

IoT Based Environmental Monitoring

Less Congestion + Better Air = Happy Citizens

IoT Smart City Mobility & Transportation

Smarter people movement

Reduce traffic congestion - improve public transportation

Traffic monitoring and management in an IoT smart city helps manage the flow of traffic efficiently. Move more cars efficiently by using data and artificial intelligence to make real-time traffic routing decisions.

Today’s state-of-the-art public transportation systems combine real-time monitoring of public transportation vehicles’ locations and routes with notifications and personalized travel news to passengers. Smooth and fast public transport is of growing importance in cities that suffer from traffic congestion.

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IoT smart city disaster response
IoT Smart City Environmental monitoring and management

Avoid flooding + Improve air quality

Monitor air quality and water levels

Avoid flooding and evacuations by monitoring the level of water in public water basins such as rivers, channels, or even lakes and seas and proactively managing water levels.

Capture pollution data in real-time and forecast emissions. Predict air pollution and get to the root cause of emissions problems to limit air pollution.

IoT Smart City Public Safety

Identify and respond to safety events

Improve lighting and create safer environments

Smart cities use CCT cameras and analytics to detect specific public safety situations, e.g., accidents, crimes, potential threats, or recognize specific features (face recognition, demographics, etc.) and divert resources to deal with them. This is particularly beneficial in highly crowded urban areas where humans cannot observe all the information simultaneously and in real-time.

Street lighting helps create a safe environment for both pedestrians and drivers. It is now cost-effective to add communication technology to street lamps along with LED upgrades.

smart cities public safety
reduce co2 emissions
IoT Smart City Building & Infrastructure

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce CO2 Emissions & Improve air quality

Learn about electricity demand in real-time and use smart grids to deliver more reliable electricity to all grid users.

Use IoT data and AI to automatically analyze and adjust building controls to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


IoT Smart City Disaster Response

When everything else fails, you’ll still have the network

Use Smart Cities IoT devices in public safety and emergency situations to support first responders and citizens. Use cases include:

  • Emergency calling
  • Mission-critical communications
  • Mission-critical logistics support
  • Public warning systems
  • Rapid deploy emergency response
Smart City Public Safety

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Assume Control

Sensitek provides the IoT platform, carrier access, and technical support you’ll need to get your devices online.

Once those devices are online our user experience will delight you and your customers, and our pricing and platform will scale with your business.

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Manage your account whenever and wherever you want with our self-service portal. Activate, suspend, and deactivate devices based on business needs. Enable instant actions with our APIs.

Activate, deactivate, and suspend IoT devices directly from Sensitek's Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP). Everything including billing is done under your own brand.

Sensitek IOT Smart City TECHNOLOGY

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