IoT in Life Sciences

Saving Lives & Driving Efficiencies

New Drug Discovery

Improved clinical research

Increase visibility during drug development.

IoT in life sciences research and development analytics helps reduce human errors, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

IoT devices increase real-time visibility during drug development. They also help clinicians recognize behavioral patterns more effectively.

IoT in life sciences benefits for clinical trials include faster patient enrollment and retention, flexible trial design, patient engagement and empowerment, higher data quality and integrity, real-time data capture, reduced operational expenses, and remote patient monitoring.

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MANUFACTURING & Supply Chain Management

Smarter drug production

Better inventory tracking through the supply chain.

Sensors, actuators, and devices can generate enormous data when embedded in production equipment and networked through computer systems. Data insights can drive production efficiency, automate monitoring and controlling functions, and enable flexible manufacturing systems.

Use IoT devices to monitor and control ambient and drug-specific conditions in warehouses and through distribution. Data from IoT in life sciences can also be used in predictive modeling to optimize order fulfillment and provide real-time tracking of logistics and transportation. Smart serialization through automatic identification and data capture can enable effective supply chain traceability.

Medical Adherence With IoT in Life Sciences

Patient reminders and providers notifications

Save lives and reduce costs with IoT in Life Sciences.

Approximately 125,000 deaths occur per year in the US due to non-adherence to medication, and 33–69% of medication-related hospital admissions are due to poor adherence. Costs associated with this amounted to “$528.4 billion, equivalent to 16% of total US healthcare expenditures in 2016.” 

Non-adherence also has costs beyond financial, including poor health outcomes and compromised quality of life.

IoT in life sciences enabled devices can provide medication reminders to the patient, notifications to providers, and remote medication adherence monitoring. 

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