IoT in Healthcare

More Data - Greater Precision

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-time data with IoT in Healthcare

Collect more accurate data and prevent patient issues before they happen.

IoT in healthcare offers higher levels of interconnectivity and data collection, along with operational advantages for healthcare professionals. Connect any person with any device in any location, and you’ll see how healthcare IoT transforms the very concept of care.

Collecting real-time data is more convenient for patients and healthcare professionals alike and creates efficiencies. The information is also more accurate and timely, which can lead to earlier detection and intervention.  Is it any wonder that over 86% of all healthcare organizations now use IoT?

iot in healthcare
iot in healthcare
Connected Ingestibles & Inhalers

Measure & monitor everything

Invasively collect the data to diagnose patients correctly with IoT in Healthcare.

Collecting data from inside the human body can be messy and disruptive. With ingestible or inhaled sensors, it’s possible to collect information in a much less invasive way.

Get insights into stomach PH levels, or monitor the frequency of asthma attacks and collect data from the environment to help understand triggers.

Robotic Surgery with IoT in Healthcare

Perform complex procedures

Reduce incision sizes and promote faster healing

Robotic surgeries performed by small healthcare IoT devices can reduce the size of incisions required to perform surgery, leading to a less invasive process, and faster healing for patients.

Interpret complex conditions inside bodies to make the right decisions about how to proceed during surgery. 

healthcare iot surgical devices
iot in healthcare device
Connect Lenses With IoT in Healthcare

Capture crucial interactions

Turn eyes into cameras.

Smart contact lenses provide healthcare data in a passive, non-intrusive way. They allow wearers to take pictures with their eyes effectively.

Smart lenses are improving healthcare outcomes and turning eyes into powerful tools for digital interactions.

Electronic Health Records

Centralize patient information

Improve information sharing and associated care

With IoT in healthcare mainly focused on remote monitoring and telemonitoring, the cornerstone of its use is the electronic health record (EHR).

EHRs promise to advance coordination of medical care, facilitate interaction with patients and families and reduce disparities in healthcare while improving its efficiency. 


electronic health records

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IoT in healthcare

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