IoT in Construction

Safer & More Efficient Construction Sites


Machine Guided IoT in Construction

Control equipment with unprecedented precision.

IoT in construction is used to automatically adjust heavy equipment to perfectly grade, pave, drill, or pile large areas with measurement technologies such as LIDAR and GNSS.

Control equipment progress, movements, and status in real-time. Plan and coordinate build activities, increasing productivity and reducing delays.

IoT in Construction
Construction Iot
SITE Monitoring with IoT in Construction

Monitor sites for safety and compliance.

Prevent accidents and safety violations with IoT in Construction

Continuously monitor site conditions measuring inputs like temperature, humidity, noise, and vibration to avoid safety accidents and compliance violations.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous for workers; IoT in construction helps make it safer.

Fleet Management with IoT in Construction

Track vehicles and equipment

Prevent accidents and safety violations

Track and maintain your assets seamlessly to ensure maximum ROI from trucks to heavy equipment: track fleet utilization, dormancy, and maintenance schedules to maximize usage. Make more informed choices when rightsizing with real-time utilization data.

Solidify your commitment to a safe workplace by ensuring your workers are safe on the road and the job site: 

IoT in Construction

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IoT in Construction

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