Smart Energy

Collecting & Using Data Smarter in Energy & Utilities

smart energy production

Track Crucial Metrics

Smart energy prevents problems before they occur.

Smart energy can be used to track metrics, including overall performance, and efficiency, and as a result, simplify maintenance. Monitoring critical equipment and identifying potential issues before problems occur. Plus, checking for issues manually is a highly wasteful and laborious process.

smart energy solar wind farm
smart meter
smart meters

Measure & monitor energy usage

Learn how to become more efficient.

Institute for Electric Innovation reports over 100 million smart meters are in use in the US today.

Smart meters measure and record electricity usage allowing residents to learn and optimize their day-to-day energy habits.

smart Energy Homes & buildings

Use energy smarter

Improve safety, comfort and productivity with smart energy

Modern buildings contain complex mechanical devices, sophisticated control systems, and a suite of features to improve occupants’ safety, comfort, and productivity. They collect data from these systems to:

  • Optimize cooling and ventilation
  • Match occupancy patterns to energy usage
  • Proactively maintain equipment
  • Dynamically manage power consumption
smart homes
smart energy grids
smart energy grids

Delivering electricity more reliably

Use smart energy to keep up with growing demand

As homes and businesses take on increasing numbers of electronic devices and technology, utilities need ways to learn about electricity demand in real-time. The Smart Grid makes this possible, delivering more reliable electricity to all grid users.

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The SENSITEK smart energy Advantage

The Nation's Best Network

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Sensitek Smart Energy FEATURES

Assume Control

Sensitek provides the platform, carrier access, and technical support you’ll need to get your devices online.

Once those devices are online, our user experience will delight you and your customers, and our pricing and platform will scale with your business.

smart energy iot

Manage your account whenever and wherever you want with our self-service portal. Activate, suspend, and deactivate devices based on business needs. Enable instant actions with our APIs.

Activate, deactivate, and suspend IoT devices directly from Sensitek's Reseller Account Management Portal (RAMP). Everything including billing is done under your own brand.

Sensitek Smart Energy TECHNOLOGY

Need more? We got you covered

Get more value for your business with Sensitek

Branded billing

Bill from RAMP and everything the customer receives is in your business' name.


Start with one line and grow to millions; our pricing and platform will scale with your business.

Customer support

Multi-channel support and fast turnaround times on open issues ensure customer satisfaction.

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