Smart Agriculture

Reduce cost, make smarter decisions, avoid diseases and losses.

Crop Management with Smart Agriculture

Improved crop yields

Collect real-time data to manage crops better

Locate weather stations, combined with smart agriculture IoT sensors across the field to collect crop-specific data from temperature and precipitation to overall crop health. Monitor crop growth and any anomalies to effectively prevent any diseases or infestations that can harm the yield. 

Green House Automation with Smart Agriculture
Green House Automation with Smart Agriculture

Detect threats to plants

Protect Plants from Temperature Extremes

Maintaining a controlled temperature within a greenhouse is crucial. Temperature fluctuations can damage or kill plants quickly.

Use IoT sensors to monitor conditions like humidity fluctuations, security breaches, heater, fan, equipment, and power to stay on top of environmental and equipment changes faster and more efficiently. 

Livestock Management

Maintain a healthy herd

Reduce veterinary costs and reduce losses.

IoT can provide both long-term and day-to-day insights to improve operational efficiencies when managing livestock. Monitor everything from each animal’s location, eating habits, health, and reproductive cycle to the herd’s movement patterns in the pasture.

Get on top of issues before veterinary care is required and nip diseases and other problems in the bud before cost and losses mount.

livestock management
Precision Farming with Smart Agriculture

Maximize the harvest.

Use data to make critical farming decisions.

Use IoT sensors in the field and on drones to collect a wide array of metrics on all facets of the field microclimate and ecosystem: lighting, temperature, soil condition, humidity, CO2 levels, and pest infections.

IoT data enables farmers to estimate optimal amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides that crops need, reduce costs, and raise healthier crops. Data can also enable predictive analytics related to crop harvesting time, the risks of diseases and infestations, yield volume, etc.


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