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automotive iot

New automotive features without additional hardware

Now the answer to this question is lying hidden in the heart of the Internet of Things technology. This enables the devices in the car to interact on the same network as the Car and with the added use of sensing equipment, makes it no less than a futuristic technological marvel that could only be dreamed about until a few years ago.

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5G IoT

5G IoT will be revolutionary

The world of telecommunications is undergoing unprecedented change. Two of the most significant advances are 5G and the IoT (Internet of Things). The two often are mentioned in the same sentence as symbols of the radical nature of the transformation.

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IoT Security

IoT Security Is Job One

Any discussion of the IoT must include a deep look at security. Organizations rolling out the technology must be certain that they are doing so properly. The IoT is like any technology, from electricity to nuclear power to artificial intelligence: There is potential to do great good and profit in the process. But poorly planned and executed implementations can be disruptive and destructive. Security must be a key concern from the earliest planning stages.

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Why 4G LTE-M NB-IoT Is The Future Of Cellular IoT

While 5G will make its mark by 2020, 4G LTE-M NB-IoT is the future of Cellular IoT. In this blog post, we’ll discuss NB-IoT, which is also called as LTE CatNB1, as well as LTE-M – both of which are driving the future of cellular IoT. It is expected to smartly connect billions of devices. NB-IoT and LTE-M are already being adopted at a massive rate thanks to factors like low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and support for a huge range of applications and devices. The concept of economies of scale for IoT is becoming true with this technology.

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